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Why We Don’t Use Vegetable Oil!

  There are several different types of vegetable oil, which include: Corn Sunflower Canola Soybean Unlike more natural oils, which can be obtained by pressing, vegetable oils are obtained through a complex chemical process. This process involves heating seeds to high temperatures, processing with a petroleum solvent, adding acid, and using deodorizing chemicals. It’s been shown that cooking with vegetable oils can release toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer, heart disease and dementia. Many vegetable oils contain large amounts of trans fats, which are linked to obesity and various diseases, including cardiovascular disease. They can also increase your

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NOW ROASTING…. Ventana Roasters!

You read that right… we are NOW SERVING our own small batch, locally roasted coffee for your sipping and home-brewing pleasure! Stay tuned as we release more details on our new house-made roast!

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About Café Ventana

Café Ventana brings to Saint Louis the look and feel of a French Quarter bistro while offering deliciously comfortable foods. From French style beignets to incredible locally roasted coffee to delectable sandwiches, salads and soups, dining at Café Ventana is truly a culinary experience. Our irresistible beignets are made fresh to order using our hand-crafted recipe, bringing everyone’s favorite New Orleans treat directly to the heart of St. Louis… and we’re always happy to offer a sample! We’re proud to serve the freshest cup of coffee in the city.  Small batches are professionally roasted twice a week by our favorite

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