Awards and Accolades

Cafe Ventana’s Beignets Featured on RFT “Sugar High” Blog

Sugar High – Cafe Ventana’s Beignets, an Airy Sugar-Dusted Fritter to Go with a Cup of Joe By Mabel Suen Tue., May 6 2014 at 10:00 AM Welcome to Sugar High, a series

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The Food of Iron Fork

The Cuban wrap, with Cobb smoked ham and carnitas, grilled in a tomato wrap with gruyere cheese, dill pickle and dijon, from Café Ventana.

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Primary Colorful: Ian blisses out on beignets and other well-executed simple fare at Cafe Ventana

God knows Mondays don’t need any help in order to be a pain in the rear end, but on this particular Monday afternoon, my 401(k) is following the Dow down

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Cafe Ventana voted Best Coffeehouse – 2011

RFT BEST OF ST. LOUIS 2011 FOOD & DRINK Best Coffeehouse Café Ventana Since the dawn of time, a successful coffeehouse has required two things: the ability to manage the pre-office

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RFT: Best of St. Louis 2009 – Best Coffeehouse

BEST OF ST. LOUIS 2009 FOOD & DRINK Best Coffeehouse Café Ventana A coffeehouse should percolate more than just good coffee: Creativity, community and peace of mind are also essential

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